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This 6-bottle selection contains wines that express the unique territory of Castello di Gabiano.

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La Patarrina Monferrato Freisa Doc 2021

It is a typical and ancient autochthonous Piedmontese vine that finds in the hills of Gabiano, with its white limestone lands, a favorable terroir for obtaining a large and unconventional Freisa.

Il Ruvo Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese Doc 2019

One of the very few produced in purity, Ruvo, a typical wine of Monferrato is vinified from Grignolino grapes, an ancient native vine with typical small and harvested berries.

Despite its evident authority, the characteristic light red color with garnet reflections also makes Ruvo a valid alternative to the more prestigious rosé or white wines.

Pinot Nero Piemonte Doc 2020

It is one of the most important international grape varieties originally from Burgundy, it has found in Monferrato in Gabiano a large territory where it can express itself and express a great red wine.

The white lands of Gabiano give our Pinot Noir great flavor and unique typicality also given by the skilful winemaking techniques with particular maceration on whole grapes.

Corte Monferrato Bianco Doc 2021

Corte is a delicate Sauvignon Blanc, a young and ready-to-drink wine with intense and expressive aromas obtained with a particular and prolonged stay on the fine lees at low temperatures.

Gavius Monferrato Rosso Doc 2019

Gavius wine is obtained from a careful selection of Barbera and Pinot Nero grapes from the vineyards of Gabiano and Zoalengo. The grapes are vinified and aged in the ancient underground cellars of the Castello di Gabiano, seeking the combination of the typical freshness of Barbera with the fruity aromas of Pinot Noir.

Il Giardino di Flora Malvasia di Casorzo Doc 2021

On the hills of the municipality of Casorzo and surrounding soils, in loose and well-exposed soils, the vineyards of this rare native black grape variety with a broad aromatic profile have been cultivated for centuries.